Job Jimenez


Within the areas of southern California, Arizona, and Baja California in Mexico, Job Jimenez has performed guitar music from composers such as J.S. Bach, D. Scarlatti, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Manuel M. Ponce, Fernando Sor, Mauro Giuliani, Dionisio Aguado, G. Regondi, Francisco Tarrega, Agustín Barrios; and modern composers such as Abel Carlevaro, Leo Brouwer, Maximo Diego Pujol and Julio Cesar Oliva. In fact, music from Manuel M. Ponce is what Job Jimenez often performs the most at his recitals. As a soloist, he has performed mostly at college recitals. Moreover, Job Jimenez has also collaborated with guitar orchestras in the US and Mexico.


Most outstanding collaborations include Youth Guitar Orchestra at the Guitar Foundation of America Guitar Festival in Fullerton California and World Premiere of Guitar orchestra works from composers such as Frank Wallace, Jurg Kindle, Jan Bartlema, Aramis Silverlake and Francisco Muñoz. In addition, Job Jimenez has also performed with the Glendale Community College Guitar Orchestra under the Direction of Charles Hulihan.


As a student, he is currently pursuing his Bachelor degree in guitar performance at the University of Arizona in Tucson . He has also earned his Associate in Arts degree with an emphasis in Guitar Performance at Glendale Community College taking lessons with Charles Hulihan. In addition, Job Jimenez started his classical guitar career under the mentorship of Rafael Eliozondo in the state of Baja California, in Mexico.

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