Wolfe Award Recital

For Undergraduate Students

More and more, during recent years, public and private studio recitals by guitar students at The University of Arizona have deeply impressed and moved me. They have won my high and continual admiration for their shared enthusiasm, perseverance, and devotion in study of this wonderfully fine, fascinating instrument on which they so heartily and intently focus their talent and energy, the classical guitar.

Clearly the learning and ever greater mastery of it, under Professor Tom Patterson's exemplary teaching, stimulates and nurtures their innate intelligence. Beyond that, they give ample evidence of having developed a powerful, refined articulateness of expression through musical dedication and wholehearted performance.

Enjoying results of funds at the UA Foundation, I've been immeasurably thrilled to see students of guitar become encouraged by scholarships to move always forward in their laudable aspirations and endeavors. Based on a pass-through scholarship endowment, each of these yearly recitals draws attention, by audition with graduate student judges, to four outstanding student guitarists who delight in sharing their joy of musical inspiration with recital audiences and among their performing fellow scholars as well. 

The equal awards they receive on monetary form are intended primarily as tokens of the honor they have earned together by their very evident and exceptional diligence. 

William J. Wolfe                       


Wolfe Competition Guidelines:

Semi-Final Round: 10 minutes of free choice repertoire

Final Round: 15 minutes of free choice repertoire*, including an approximately 5 min piece for guitar ensemble.

*Any piece may be repeated from the semi-final round to the final



2008: Mark Wilson

2009: Misael Barraza Díaz






2015: Ignacio Mondaca

2016: Noah Weig-Pickering

2017: Yihui Wang 

2018: Grace Sheppard

2019: Isaac Fenway Brodkin 

2020: Job Jimenez

2021: Dante Olita

2022: Robert Rogers