Beeston Guitar Competition

For Graduate and Undergraduate Students

Thomas Beeston believed that music is our common denominator and that it has the power to heal, to inspire and to transform. Highly regarded as a guitarist and luthier, Tom was a leading figure in the evolution of Tucson as an international center for the classical guitar. He was a friend and mentor to Norman Douglas Sholin, founder of the UA Guitar Program, as well as Sholin's first classical guitar teacher. Thomas served as an advisor to the UA guitar program until his death in 1999.

The Beeston Guitar Competition has garnered the attention of music lovers from all age groups and backgrounds. Its increasing popularity means it draws large audiences from the community.

The final round of the Thomas H. Beeston Memorial Guitar Competition features four finalists, chosen from the semi-final round held the previous day. Each finalist performs a 20-minute program in this public recital venue. Immediately after the concert nearly $15,000 in prizes, including a finely crafted guitar by Stephan Connor, will be awarded to the winners.


Beeston Competition Guidelines: 

- Semi-Final Round: 15 minutes of free-choice repertoire*

- Final Round: 20 minutes of free-choice repertoire*


*Your program must include at least one pre-classical piece (baroque or renaissance), and this piece can be a part of either your semifinal or final program. A pre-classical piece can be performed in both rounds, assuming that the piece you play is your chosen carryover piece, or that you have more than one pre-classical piece in your program. ONE piece may be repeated from the semi-final round to the final round.

*Your program must include at least two different style periods per day. Please take into account that in order for your program to effectively have contrasting time periods the different pieces must basically be from different centuries. Two pieces of music from the 20th century will most likely be considered the same style of music and not fulfill the contrasting style requirement.


2003: Gonzalo Molano

2004: Jane Curry

2005: Pavel Meza

2006: Eduardo Minozzi Costa

2007: Matthew Palmer

2008: Matthew Palmer

2009: Jane Curry

2010: Renato Serrano Muñoz

2011: Renato Serrano Muñoz

2012: Misael Barraza-Díaz

2013: Misael Barraza-Díaz

2014: Renato Serrano Muñoz

2015: Misael Barraza-Díaz

2016: Steve Lerman & Misael Barraza-Díaz 

2017: Andres Pantoja & Misael Barraza-Díaz 

2018: Bin Hu & Misael Barraza-Díaz

2019: Andrea Roberto & Misael Barraza-Díaz 

2020: Ana Maria Iordache & Misael Barraza-Diaz

2021: Ignacio Mondaca

2022: Giovanni Accadía